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Christmas Preview

Seeing as how we're less than two weeks from the big C, I thought I'd better do something about Christmas cards. You know. Because there's still like two weeks to go! Plenty of time! And heyyyyy, I've got things to be finishing and deadlines and stuff, so let's spend the entire weekend day stalking the elusive toddler pose conveying the perfect amount of holiday cheer while staying well on this side of cheeseballz.

We only got ONE good shot. But one is all you need. 

Here are some of the others:


Setting up our shot. Creating a seamless backdrop with my sheets and then allowing my toddler to climb over everything. Because I'm so pro.



Practicing posing. Where posing = running away then coming over to me demanding to see the poorly executed picture.


Christmas Photo Tired Baby

Deciding to do a photo shoot with twinkeling fairy lights and then disovering that the lights that you bought are battery powered and the battery holes are covered by a plastic plate which is screwed on by the world's smallest phillips-head screws and we don't have any screwdrivers small enough but that's okay, I'll MacGyver a solution with a pair of tweezers and some scissors and OH THERE! I got it open, but that's the computer chip so let's go back and unscrew these other screws and now I've stripped the screws and now this is impossible and it's naptime therefore eff everything I'm sending my husband to the hardware store. A poorly executed plan if there ever was one.


Christmas Photo Setup 

Okay, regrouping. Testing the setup with Baby Honey while Stella naps.


Christmas Photos Twinkle Lights 

Run away baby.


Christmas Baby

Trying really hard to get some festive non-cheezy hat photos. (Shuddup. It's not a cheezy idea.)



With a very suspicious toddler.


Who is obviously taking none of my bs.


I tired really hard for the hat photo, guys. It just wasn't hapening.


Anyway, there you go. 


Friends and family, from the above outlined evidence, you can expect your cards sometime before Valentines day.


Internet, I'll post the winning picture on Christmas Day! Hooray! You WIIIIIIINNNN!


****Updated to add*****


OMG BLOGGY FAUX PAS!!! I forgot to attribute this idea! I got it here! I wasn't trying to be mean and steal stuff like ideas and things, but I just forgot! I swear! I forgot! Anyway, Baby Rabies gave my the idea, and you can go there now for a wonderful tutorial on how to take photos JUST LIKE THESE (with hopefully a more willing participant).

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Green In December

Back again to tell you that I love my camera. And taking pictures. And photo linkys. And green in December.



and then, she {snapped}

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Bonus Saturday Links To Love {Video Edition}

Why.....someone must be procrastinating like it's their job.

That someone is me. But I suspect that that someone may also be you.  And far be it from me to impede your procrastinatory ways. Rather, I will support you in all of your postponery and foot dragging. In that vein, I present you with videos. That probably were viral months ago. But I procrastinate everything. Even video watching. So. Whatever. Here you go. 

I aspire to this when I'm an octogenarian. I have a long way to go, but I'll be working on it. I have time.

This may just be the best wedding trailer video of all time. Watch it and try not to get misty. Just try. I dare you.

Norwegians are hilarious. And books are hard. Call the IT guy.

I hope that I can raise my daughter to be this cool. Seriously. Just look at this.

Get your nerd on and watch these amazing documentaries. I know I am. 

Wanna take a photography course from Stanford for free? Here you go. While not strictly video, it involves a camera. So whatever. Don't complain. 

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That U2 Song Was Totally About Japan

  IMG_0859This street has no name. But the intersection might. Who really knows.

Japan, you’re awesome and great and everything, but let’s be real. Your address system is probably the most ridiculous thing ever invented. It makes no sense, is understood by no one, and the only purpose it serves is to keep the location of important buildings super secret so as to prevent foreign barbarians from invading and capturing all your treasure. I know that is the only motivation behind this ludicrous way of making maps.


Let’s start with problem number 1: There are no street names. Okay, there are A FEW street names, but not that many. And whatever, let’s not get hung up on details. Pretty much only main roads have street names. And also intersections have street names. Which would be helpful, if you house was located in the middle of one. Otherwise: useless.


Problem 2. House numbers are totally random. Houses are numbered in the order in which they were constructed. Meaning that number 10 Nameless Street might be sandwiched between number 17 and number 52. NOT HELPFUL, Japan, not helpful at all.


Problem Number 3 - There are no grids. Streets go in any which way. I am absolutely not kidding when I say that I’ve been massively and hopelessly lost five minutes from my front door for this very reason.  


Japan, you’re not just messing with dummy foreigners like me.Your own people often don’t even know where the hell they are. Give an address to a taxi driver, and there’s a 100 percent chance he’ll have to consult a map, and 75 percent chance he’ll not be able to find the place on the map, and a 150 percent chance that the whole exercise will make you want to slap yourself in the face with a rotten fish and then recall with much nostalgia Shanghainese taxi drivers and wish that you could go back in time where the only taxi related drama was terror and car accidents. And that’s saying something. 


Once, I was so terribly lost that I got into a taxi, gave him the address and then we drove around for 10 minutes looking for the place only to end up EXACTLY where I had flagged down the taxi. Neither of us could tell where in the ever loving hell we were.


I then went into the building that I thought *might* be the one I was looking for, and asked some workers inside if they knew the address of that particular building. They did not. They had no idea. WHAT THE HELL???? 


So, basically, Japan, if you could please think about reforming the mess that is this craptacular address system my life would be infinitely easier. Thankyouverymuch. 


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Small Style, Coffee Date Style

I’m not even sure what I used to write about for Small Style. Was it fashion tips for toddlers? Was it deriding the fact that my child is the world’s worst sleeper?  Was it a romping account of some minor molehill of an incident that I mountainized until drama was seeping out it’s ears? 

  Small Style

Ummm, probably all three. But. Lately there has been relatively little drama. No vom-a-thons. No up-all-night-all-you-can-scream buffets of misery. Although there was that time the other day wherein my lovely daughter stayed up two-and-a-half hours past her bedtime, which, because of my new morning routine, is about two hours past MY bedtime. However, she made up for that transgression by finally falling asleep in my bed (after me, I might add) and staying there all night. So, not only did I get little trip down co-sleeping memory lane (I’ve been rejected big time in the co-sleeping department since Stella developed a will of her own at around 10 months), but I also got a lovely, cosy all-night-sleep buffet with a cuddly baby while I imagined that she was snuggling me and didn’t think that sleeping in my bed was totally lame. Mr. Chef, however, convinced that Stella would wake any moment and need some baby ninja action, slept in her room all night on a tiny cot and did not benefit from this sleep coup. Anyway. Most boring story of all time.


Moving on.


I took Stella on a coffee date on Monday with a real-life friend. Whom I made through my blog. And, of course, she was the perfect baby. For all my winging about her not sleeping and not playing by herself, she is a model child when we go out in public. Not a peep. Not a whine. Not a tantrum. She’s all, “please” and “thank you” and “yes ma’m” and “here, let me hold that door for you,” and “allow me to wipe your table.”

Small Style

Serious. She’s like this all the time when we’re out. It’s okay to hate me. 

  Small Style

Also, it’s December. And there was sun. So we played in the leaves. Well, when I say “we”, I mean my friend and Stella. I’m not a big fan of dirt. And stuff.

  Small Style - Leaves

Moving on.

  Small Style More Leaves

I have noting to move on to. So, here’s a random, poorly executed picnik collage. Feast ye eyes.


Picnik collage


Stella Wore:


Shirt - Crew Cuts

Jeans - Baby Gap

Cardi - American Apparel

Shoes - Converse

Jacket - Gifted from Switzerland. So it’s the warmest. 


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Falling Down Houses {Wordless Wednesday}

Old, decrepit houses used to depress me. Now, somehow, they delight me.






Linking up at The Paper Mama, And Then, She Snapped, and Live and Love Outloud.

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Well On Our Way To Precocious Literacy And Also Geniushood

Stella has recently added a few new words to her already robust and thriving lexicon (of two words, ahem.) Let’s talk about them for a moment, shall we?


Mama - While this one has been kicking around in the background of her vocabulary for a while, in the past few days it has burst forth to command a prominent spot in her every day utterances. But no, not Mama, I love you, or Mama, come get me from my crib, or Mama, let’s play. It’s more Mama, give me something I want. I feel this may be foreshadowing, you crafty literary god, you.


There - Stella’s main word until now has been “this” and god help the person who tries to identify exactly what this is in any particular situation.  A cup of milk? No. An orange? Dis. *points emphatically* The Brita water filter? DIS. Papi’s phone? Nope. DDDDDIIIIIIIISSSSS. It is, then, with much exasperation that we add the new lexical item “there” for it is no more precise and no less likely to end in an interminable dialogue of There? Dare. There? Dare. There? DARRRRRE. So, basically, language acquisition for the win!


S - I don’t know. All I can say is my child, whom, I might add is a mere 18 months old, can correctly identify this alphabet letter by name. Which pretty much guarantees that she’ll be reading by two. Whatever, so she also calls every other letter in the alphabet S. And also most numbers. And all kanji. Shuddup. She’s a genius. I can tell because she just learned how to unlock my iPhone.

IMG_8831She also reads Dwell Magazine. And therefore, has excellent taste. 

Remember how I don't brag about my kid? Hahahahaha. I'm full of shit. 

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