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First ume blossoms of the season and the skies cleared for the first time in days just in time for dusk.


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I'll tell you about it later. It was epic.




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Just under a year ago, Stella and I tried to go to China, but well, this happened. So now here we are, in grave need of some la zi ji and a good massage, and we've got all of our ducks in a row, and OF COURSE there are paperwork problems. But now, with a provisional Swiss passport in hand, hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll get that elusive visa. 

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Mondays could use some help, no? Especially Mondays when you know that you'll be spending the morning a the Chinese Consulate praying that they issue your child a visa. So, clearly I spent a good amount of time on the weekend distracting myself from the visa anxiety with a dose all things interwebular. And now you can too. Here you go:

Sing this song to your kid, and you'll be sucked into a time / space vortex of memory (if you were a child of the eighties and also Canadian), plus your kid will love it. Promise. But you have to do the dance. 

Ever wonder about breastfeeding in Mongolia? I totally did. And now you can know everything. Its super interesting. I'd suggest that you read it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElzPZNSdd5w&feature=youtu.be

I'm obsessed with this artist. She's a Scandi. Which is why she's awesome. Obvs.

Oh, and is this little blind kitty not, like, the totally the most adorable thing ever?

Speaking of cute things on YouTube, Stella and I were mesmerized by this wee guy, sweet Lil Drac.

Far and away, the most hilarious thing I read all week. Oh boy, I can't wait till my kid starts really talking.

My writer friend wrote this about screen-free kids. And I totally aspire to be that kind of parent, but, well, cute animal videos on YouTube.

On a more serious note, my friend Aisha, who writes one of my favourite expat blogs, is hosting a series on mental health issues called Breaking The Code of Silence. I urge you to check it out; it's powerful stuff. And, if you're interested - why not offer up a guest post?

Okay, that's it from me. Cross your fingers and toes that we get our visa!!


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I did two posts for day 30. So let's skip ahead to day 43. Whoops. Believe me, this won't be the last time I forget what day it is. Kind of like someone forgot their umbrella at the bottom of my street.


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There are some days when you find yourself at a new playground, running around chasing your kid, throwing your head back and screaming, just as she does, with glee, and then watching with a heart full of pride as she navigates the slide and then befriends a big girl, and you make a wordless friendship with a mother who opens up a pack of bubbles and bubble wands and a gaggle of babies are totally enchanted and their joy is so pure and true that you don't even mind the cold, and then you drink tea with a friend and feel warm, right to your bones.

And then, at night, you hold your girl long after she's fallen asleep and you listen to the rise and fall of her breath because these days are really everything that there ever was.

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Our neighbour came by with some flowers. Sweetpeas. Just because the white ones are called Stella.

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