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I'm behind the Great Fire Wall. And the powers that be have decreed that my random ramblings and pictures of my dissident child are too sensitive for the eyes of decent Chinese people. So, basically....there will be a whole lot of silence going on up in here until I'm back on the other side.


Until then, wish me luck as I descend the length of half the country in a train with my one-year-old, about 100 kg of luggage, and all the goats and chickens.



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Evening afforded a little extra time tonight. Time for playing trucks. The couch was the tunnel. And oh, did we laugh.


I just love this kid. 


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Small Style, Mini High Fashion Edition

We're working on posing.


When I ask Miss S, "Go stand over there so I can take your picture," she does this:




Cute, yes. But we need to work on our listening comprehension. While she is "over there" she is neither standing, or is she in a particularly photogenic position. We're working on the concept of high fashion posing. You know. It's an important life skill. I want to set this kid up for success. I want her to know her flattering angles, and how to take a million selfies so that she can post them on her blaaaaawwwwggg, and then pin those pictures on pinterest so that she can show the world what impeccable taste she has. Critical, important life changing things like that. Forget the violin, I'm teaching my kid how to look cute in front of a camera.

(Do I sound like an a-hole? Because I'm totally making fun of all you fashion bloggers out there who take pictures of yourselves and post them on your blog.)*

(Oh shit. I do that too. *cough*I'madouchebag*cough*)

Anyway...moving on. Here, we're making progress.



I dunno. We're working it out.


Stella Wore

Jacket: (Gigantic, for next year, but well, if there's something new in the closet, it needs to be worn now.) Baby Gap

Pants: Tea Collection

Leg Warmers: Baby Legs

Boots: See Kai Run




Oh hey? how bout a vote on Top Baby Blogs? I kind of hate myself for caring about stuff like this, but, well I gain an enormous amount of validation as I watch our numbers climb** and so obviously a vote for me is a vote for meantal health. 


*Totally kidding. I love blogs like that. But I also love making fun of myself. 

**We're currently number one billion.


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So, I guess we're doing blossoms two days in a row. But there's one bloom on the tree in front of my building, so obviously I had to climb up on a wall to get this shot, because, well, it suggests that spring is around the corner, and the unrelenting rain and cold and frigid feet and housebound days might just be behind us soon. So whatever, there will be more of these up in here. Way more.



Oh, wait. I couldn't decide. I got this one too, and I love it, kinda.




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First ume blossoms of the season and the skies cleared for the first time in days just in time for dusk.


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I'll tell you about it later. It was epic.




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Just under a year ago, Stella and I tried to go to China, but well, this happened. So now here we are, in grave need of some la zi ji and a good massage, and we've got all of our ducks in a row, and OF COURSE there are paperwork problems. But now, with a provisional Swiss passport in hand, hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll get that elusive visa. 

Photo 3

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