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Kid Life 365 {Week Eighteen}

I'll warn you, week eighteen was not my best effort. I was digging around in Aperture and discovered maybe two days worth of photos taken with my DSLR. The rest is cobbled together with iPhone pictures, and I **MAY** have adjusted the metadata on a couple of photos, but I'll never tell. Whatever. Real life. May is kinda a hard month. Something about the way the planet is turned, and the angle of the sun, I reckon. Anyway! Here we go.

::One hundred and thirty-two::  This doctor's kit is probably one of our top three toy purchase ever ever ever.

::One hundred and thirty-three:: Shenanigans on my bed is basically how we end up passing every afternoon. We're getting so real giggles from Hugo, and to no one's surprise, Stella can elicit the best ones.

::One hundred and thrity-four:: Hugo M. Bear post nap. This little guy loves a good blanket. Preferably pulled over his face, which, you know, safety.

::One hundred and thirty-five:: Bedtime cuddles.

::One hundred and thirty-six:: Stella often begs to eat dinner "at da smawl table". So, sometimes when I'm feeling particularly obliging, or perhaps particularly relaxed care of a glass of wine, I acquiesce. And here, dinner, small table, etch-a-sketch. 

::One hundred and thirty-seven:: I love this photograph. It's not in focus (duh), but the feeling it evokes, I guess? Perfectly imperfect?

::One hundred and thirty-eight:: Um, guess who's full on reaching and grabbing? Good bye quiet dinners. You were nice while you lasted.

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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014."

Stella: I love that little tummy peaking out from under her rashie. Looks like this growing girl needs a swimsuit upgrade.

Hugo: He loves this beanbag chair. Last night I plopped him down here for just a second while I drained a pot of pasta, and I came back to a sleeping baby.


Isn't his little soother (pacifier / dummy / binky) face adorable? I considered posting an other picture with an unfettered face, because a paci-face does not, perhaps, conform to conventional norms of portraiture and image-making. But this is real life, right? With these pictures I take, I try to illustrate the sweet pacific moments of young childhood, but also the messy, the idyllic, the unremarkable, the chaotic, the exuberant and the tedious, because it's all part of the picture, right?

Also real life, I didn't get to comment on many 52 posts last week. It's always on my to-do list, but I always go to bed without it done. I have high hopes for next week, though!

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Shaking Hands in Indonesia {Friday Faves}

Sometimes, on occasions delightful and uncommon, I sneak away for a few hours and sit in a cafe with my book or my computer. 

Regardless of whether I’m producing words or consuming them, I spend a lot of time looking up, stealing glimpses of life going on around me. I watching people working, catching up, chatting, meditating with a coffee, and discussing million dollar business on a Tuesday morning. I love watching the comings and goings of the advantaged of this vast and diverse city.

One of my favourite things to observe is the way people in Java greet each other. Two people meet, they catch eyes, smile softly, and offer each other a hand to shake. Each then touches his right hand to his chest, welcoming the other’s greeting into his heart.

This greeting, it’s like an acknowledge of the unmistakable beauty in each of us, and it makes my heart swell each time I witness it. It's one of many beautiful gestures of kindness I've witnessed since moving here.


So, now tell me something you love about where you live.


Ten on Ten

I'm becoming more and more wedded to the idea of memory keeping. As Stella grows further away from babyhood it becomes increasingly apparent that those moments which felt so vital and central to my being, those "I'll remember this forever and for always" times that seemed as though seared into my brain, fade with time until I can hardly remember how old she was when she started laughing or how we passed the long afternoons together when she was not yet sitting, and still a little colicky.  

I love the idea of a Ten on Ten, a little visual peak into our day. I love the idea of looking back on these pictures four years from now and remembering the rhythm of our days, what it felt like to spend my time with these two little people on a June day when Stella was newly four years old and Hugo was just four months old. 

Inspired by Ronnie, her love of memory keeping, and and this great project, I'd like to put these pictures together in a book, with stories of our days and months, what our seasons looked like, and how it felt to live here, a young family together in Indonesia. 

And, um, apropos of nothing, I'm realizing how difficult it is, really, to take pictures of an infant when he's either in my arms, or tucked into his crib, and we alreay have a million sleeping Hugo pictures, so, sorry Second Child Syndrom? 

::One:: Brushing teeth, with a late start this the morning. And actually, it was about nine o'clock before I remebered that was ten on ten day.

::Two:: I'm undergoing a major closet re-org. Out with most, in with freshly dry-cleaned duds.

::Three:: A trip to the grocery store where Stella likes to "measure" the fruit "by my own". So, OKAY!

::Four:: I've started mandatory after lunch story time as a time to relax together and ensure we get our reading time in each day. So far it's going well. 

::Five:: An unexpected rain storm put the kibosh on our plans for a pool afternoon.

::Six:: Instead we played in the corridoor with the neighbour boy.

::Seven:: And then the sun came out after all. For a brief moment. It was thunder major time right after this.

::Eight:: Oh hi, Hugo. Sorry you have no photos.

::Nine:: Dinner in the day's last light.

::Ten:: With both kids asleep, it's time for me to eat dinner, do a little computer stuff. 

::BONUS!:: And head to bed too. GOODNIGHT! 

Happy Tenth!

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Kid Life 365 {Week Seventeen} 

::One hundred and twenty-five:: Playing dress up with the boys who live across the hall. On slow afternoons, we just open up both apartment doors and the kids run between houses, always dressed as doctors, fire fighters, and builders. 

::One hundred and twenty-six:: Every evening, when we should be getting ready for bed, she's trying to sneak a few last smiles from her brother.

::One hundred and twenty-seven:: Brusing teeth. I can do it BY MY OWN, she says. 

::One hundred and twenty-eight:: Writing a letter, in her imagination.

::One hundred and twenty-nine:: Hugo M. Bear kinda wants to swim? He definitely wants to hang out with the big kids, but that water is awfully cold, so, question mark?

::One hundred and thirty:: The two o'clock nap is always great for a moody photo op.

::One hundred and thirty-one:: Reluctantly posing in the unreasonably poofy pink skirt she talked me into buying for her. Ha.

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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014."

Stella: She had a tough week of saying goodbye to some important friends who are moving on. But despite all the change, and sad farewells, the new routines, she's been wonderful. If you ask her, she'll tell you, "I'm big now. I'm four. I can do it by my own." And it's true. She is four now and suddenly so big.

Hugo: He's had a tough week of....uhhhh...being a baby? Actually he's had a great week. And LOOK! He can do a little tripod sitting. 

This soft one from last week is beautiful. One of the greatest pleasures of this blogging world is stumbling upon inspiring people making art with their camera, with their words. I love that. 

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Three Months

Seeing as how it’s June fourth and Hugo is officially four months three days old, it’s time for his there month update. (And, um, PS, If there’s one area in which I excel, it’s being on top of things. Yes.) 



Hugo started the month at 7 KG, and rounded out at 7.8 KG is just a bit more than 17 pounds for you imperial folk. According to the internet, he’s in the 83th percentile for weight, which is actually a little smaller than Stella was at that age. I may not be able to get to monthly updates in a timely fashion, but I do make beefy babies. That’s one thing I’m good at. 


::Learning:: Sitting up.

He’s not quite there yet, but we’re definitely on the way. And I’m totally looking forward to it. The pre-mobile post-sitting up stage is really the sweet spot of babyhood, hey? I mean they’re so happy to be an independent sitting human able to play with toys and other nonsense but not able to get out and roam free and eat all the soil out of your houseplants, right?

Anyway, he can sit up if you hold one hand, or if propped up in the beanbag chair. So, happy days ahead!


::Mastering:: Hands. Laughter. 

At two months he figured out that hands are things that exist at the end of his arms. And now, at three months, he’s learning that he can actually use these hands to manipulate objects. Also of note is his concentration face: focused eyes, tongue stuck out, serious business concentration. I die.

He’s typically making this face when he’s going after the wooden toy for his bouncy chair, Sophie la Girafe, and any plate, bowl, spoon, fork, etc within reach. Which is to say, goodbye peaceful, mess-free meals.

And guess what? We’re getting some legit laughs, which is incredibly gratifying when you’re on the receiving end of baby hilarity. All you really need to do is “disappear” (object permanence is such a silly concept!!), or sing Huuuuuugo and Steeeeella to the tune of the Charlie and Lola theme song. 

Hugo is also super into whatever it is that the big kids (Stella and the neighbour boys, typically) are up to. He basically tries to leap out of my arms and get down to whatever they’re doing. 


::Eating:: Milk. With a side of formula, and I totally cried about that.

We’re still going strong in the baby-fattening human milk factory department. But midway through the month, I got a random tropical illness (I’m going with amoebic dysentery, in case you’d like to know) annnnnnnd then my milk dried up for a few days. When we exhausted the freezer stash, we had to offer supplementary bottles of formula. I obviously had a crisis of consciousness about this, Hugo was all, thanks Mum, this is delicious, and what’s your problem anyway. 


::Sleeping:: Medium?

He’s sleeping six-to-six (or seven) but with several wake-ups for nursing and general practicing of skills that could very well be practiced during daylight hours, thankyouverymuch.


::Changing:: Eyes and Hair

I’m predicting green? Sandy blond? Let’s see?


::Loving:: Wuggy Bunny. Blankets. Fabrics of all kinds.

This guy is one tactile kid. His hobbies include scratching his fingers along the bedsheets at 3 am, clutching his blanket over his face, and petting the ears of his Wuggy Bunny. 

He also loves the odd rough and tumble game of throw the baby on the bed (gently, from a height of like 30 cm). This is sure to elicit some megasmiles. 



Waking up. My GAWD that is is difficult to go from a state of unconsciousness to consciousness and requires a solid thirty minutes of sleep crying, thrashing about, and general unhappiness in the mornings.

Also not a fan of the three month jabs. The vaccine hangover lasted days. DAYS.



I’m really enjoying the predictability of Hugo’s daytime routine, and the knowledge that no matter how painful the hour between five and six pm is, he’ll be lights out by 6:15. 

Three months is that magical moment when baby becomes less of a thing requiring a lot of attention and work and more of a human. That’s kind of great, hey? I mean, I get to see this little guy who loves grabbing onto his blanket, makes funny concentration faces, adores his sister, wants to be a big kid, loves a little roughhousing, and gets super frustrated when he can’t make his hands do what he expects.


I tell you what, this boy is a real gem. Totally. 

PS One Month. Two Months.

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