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Kid Life 365 {Week Five}


Thirty-four: Hugo day two. Is there anything better than watching your partner hold your baby? I think no. 

Thirty Five: Actually, okay, maybe watching your child hold your baby. We came home from the hospital after spending two nights there, and while getting out of the hospital was about as challenging as crossing the Sahara (more on that later, hopefully) it was so good to be home.

Thirty-six: Making time for big-kid cuddles. 

Thirty-seven: I basically can't take a picture of Stella without Hugo in the frame. Wherever he is, so is she. To say that she is thrilled with her new baby is a gross understatement. 

Thirty-eight: Sleep smiles. One of the many things I had forgotten about the newborn stage. And, PS, they are every bit as delightful the second time around.

Thirty-nine: Hugo's coard stump healed. We celebrated by offering him his first bath at home. It was a resounding success. We've got another water baby on our hands!

Fourty: Well, little Hugo Bear, you sure do look adorable when you're sucking your thumb. 


I'm slowly getting around to editing, processing, and filing my photographs from the first few weeks of Hugo's life. I've decided to take on two 365 projects; one for Stella and one for Hugo. I'll post a collection of each of them here, a highlight roll, so to speak. I intend to use my DSLR camera exclusively of this project, but let's be real, the first few weeks of newbornhood, when you're drifting in a hormonal haze of exhaustion, and your says are filled with poop, and spit-up, tears and mastitis, a certain degree of grace in the form of iPhone photos can be extended, right?

Also, I'm wondering if I might post pictures one-by-one rather than in a collection? Because then I might blog more than once a week, and might write thoughtful accompanying text? But I've already started it this wan and um, important decisions are haaaaard!! 



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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014."

I still get such a rush out of writing "children". 

Stella: She's never been much of a "Me do it!" kind of kid, but all of a sudden, now that she's a big sister, she puts on her own socks. (Also, triple stripes 4 lyfe!)

Hugo: He fell asleep during Stella's swim lesson, and well, I couldn't resist. 

After two weeks of rest, we're preparing to ease back into real life next week. Mr. Chef is going back to work, so home cooked meals and days spent recovering in bed will give way to school runs and a bedtime juggling act. I'm a bit nervous about this transition, truth be told. I don't expect it to be easy, but we'll figure it out. Eventually.  


Because babies are basically all I can think about these days, here are some fresh ones: my friend TOI welcomed her baby boy. And isn't he sweet?

Here's an other brand new  baby boy

And one more delicious new baby. Has there been a bloggy baby boom or what?

And just look at this image. Minimalist, moody, tender. 

As always, thanks to the lovely Jodi for inspiring this project and bringing so many lovely new blogs into my world.

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Kid Life 365 {Week Four}


The week leading up to Hugo's arrival was a little rough around the edges. Besieged by false labour and oppressed by impatience, we didn't accomplish much of anything. My photo project, along with most aspects of my life, did suffer, but in the end, it was all worth it. I think my best girl would agree with that sentiment. 


Twenty-seven // That infamous day of being incapacitated by false labour, maple syrup soup, and a very rowdy three-year-old. Not the best picture ever, but ummmmm, see above re incapacitated.

Twenty-eight // My official due date. I emerged from the fog of false labour sometime mid-afternoon and managed to take my girl outside to play. Since it was so nice outside, we decided on eating pizza alfresco. 

Twenty-nine // An afternoon walk intended to encourage baby to hurry up and come out. (It didn't work.)

Thirty // One thing I was capable of doing this week was supervising pool play, and pretend tea parties. Especially since this task involved a lot of sitting. 

Thirty-one // On the eve of the Wooden Horse, we went out to lunch at my favourite restaurant in Jakarta. It was a consolation prize for still being pregnant. To sweeten the deal, we happened to run into some friends from Playgroup. As we sat on the terrace, our kids running amok, the restaurant staff was setting up a photoshoot featuring new menu items. Instead of sending us parents looks of annoyance, the restaurant manager offered our kids tastes of the treats they were shooting, and then the wait staff put a film on the projector for the kids. I loved this. Kindness and acceptance of a child's nature; a serendipitous meeting of friends and a feeling of community; good food; conversation; an easy holiday afternoon. And, best of all, little did I know, the contractions were real this time.

Thirty-two // He's here. Our Hugo Bear, born on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Thirty-three // The first of many, many, many, many sibling cuddles.  

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Kid Life 365 {Week Four}

Twenty // Listening to the baby; "he says dum-dum dum-dum dum-dum."

Twenty-one // Quiet time, becuase Mama needed it.

Twenty-two // Sleeping over in my bedroom because of a nasty cough that just won't quit. 

Twenty-three // Getting a physio treatment for that unending cough.

Twenty-four // An afternoon playdate with her "best fwiend."

Twenty-five // Saturday afternoon at the pool. This kid just WON'T allow for her face to get wet, so creative methods of encouraging pool jumping need to be found.

Twenty-six // Baby love, and now with hindsight, an excellent foreshadowing of how she'll love on her brother.


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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014."

Stella: I fink he wants to learn how to watch iPad.

Hugo: Spent the majority of his first week here in my big bed.


Linking up with Jodi.

Oh, and if you have a moment, could you send a few votes our way?


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"a portrait of my children* once a week, every week in 2014"

*do you know how long I've been waiting for that plural?


Stella: Collecting all her "stuffs." 

Hugo: A few minutes old. 

I've been looking so forward to including our little baby boy in this project, and now he's finally here! Fresh baby, I mean, is there anything better?

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Our baby boy Hugo Maylor was born on Saturday morning, and we're all so happy he is finally here. The last few weeks of pregnancy were pretty rough, but I tell you, this sweet boy has been worth the wait.

We're all taking things slowly, recovering and settling into life as a family of four. Posting here may be slight for the next while, but you can be sure to find plenty of baby spam on the 'gram. I'm @expatriababy.

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