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"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014."

Stella: As always, you're refusing to come out of the pool and join us for dinner. "But I not hungrwy AT AWL!"

Hugo: You met your Nannie for the first time this week. And much of your time has been spent curled up on her chest while you suffer through some uncomfortable baby business and she suffers through jet lag. 

My mum arrived in Indonesia this week. She came carrying all sorts of goodies for us (peanut butter! chocolate! cloth diapers! children's books of poetry because I really am insufferably portentous!) and promising three weeks of help with the baby. Already she's cleaned out my pantry, been my co-pilot for bedtime, and accompanied my first born to Singapore for a doctor's visit while I hang out at home with my passport-less baby.

Living so far away from home mean that these visits are rare. We miss out on Christmas at the grandparents', Sunday dinners, and Grandparent Babysitting. But despite the physical distance, Stella is about as connected to her Nannie as any child could be. Watching her run with arms outstretch to embrace Nannie on her first morning here told me all I needed to know about that.


Here are a few gems from last week: This girl stretched out in the soft light; and this sweet baby, so rosy and soft; and these two Indonesian babes

Linking up with Jodi for her 52 Project.


Kid Life 365 {Week Six}

Forty-eight // Recovery is hard, harder than I though. So I'm spending the day, the 17th of Hugo's life, just like this, curled up in bed with my baby bear on my chest.

Forty-nine // Another day spent in bed, this time accompanied by my sweet girl and her girl Nu-Chan, who is quickly becoming an expert at diaper changes.

Fifty // She wanted to dress just like me today, so she chose a white shirt over a grey one and leggings. And oh my heart.

Fifty-one // Baby toes. And PS, do we ever leave the bedroom?

Fifty-two // Nope. Looks like not. Papi is joining us for some late afternoon cuddles.

Fifty-three // Bed again. Stella Stella still likes to make knots when she's tired.

Fifty-four // In what is surly a miracle, I managed for the first time ever to put two kids to bed by my self. 

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Kid Life 365 {Week Five}


Week five marked Hugo's first full week at home. We didn't venture very far from our little nest, in fact most of the week was spent in bed nursing colds (Hugo and Stella) and round one of mastitis (yatzy! Me.) Still, we made it out to the pool at least once. Which I'd say is pretty major.

Forty-one // I watch from bed as Stella enacts an elaborate scenario. "Mama, I'm working on my important stufs."

Forty-two // I watch Stella swim with her Papi, while Hugo reclines on my lap. I think back three and a half years to Stella, and how we spent so many hours sitting together, just like this. {One notable difference, Stella was always awake like this. Hugo? Asleep.} 

Forty-three // You can not keep this kid away from her brother. She helps me change his diapers, get him ready to go, wipe his nose, burp him, and of course, bounce him to sleep. Or, quite possibly, wake him up from his nap. Yeah, come to think of it, that's EXACTLY what's going on here. 

Forty-four //  I told you. She will not leave his side. Never mind that he's sleeping, cuddles need to happen.

Forty-five // While Stella has her swimming lesson, I entertain myself decorating a very handsome baby. Because, duh.

Forty-six // An evening bath. 

Forty-seven // I'm pretty sure she woke him up from his nap. Again. But, I mean she had a pretty good excuse. Cuddles. So.



I have the best of intentions. I do. I keep meaning to come back here, post pictures and write about our life as a foursome. 


But things keep getting in the way. I wake up with a kitchen full of ants, and have to relocate the pantry to the dining room table. Then there are traffic jams, forgotten parent-teacher interviews, two sick kids, an endless parade of doctor’s appointments, and phone calls to organise a doctor’s appointment in Singapore. 


But sometimes I’ve been kept away by milky cuddles on the couch; an afternoon nap with a baby in the crook of my arm; late afternoons by the pool while the light casts long, lazy shadows; a gaggle of children, running and shrieking with glee, finally let outdoors as months of rain clouds lift.  

These days my nights are short, and my daytime hours slip away before I notice they’re gone. Life is chaos, my house is messy, but our days are just golden. 



"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014."

Stella: Just like that, she navigates obsticles all by herself. 

Hugo: Just like that, he falls asleep. Again.

This week has tested us, ohhhhhhhh boy, has it ever. We're trying to find our footing as we figure out how to be a family of four. We're all trying, sometimes more successfully than others, to learn how to manage everyone's needs in the face of all these changes. Big feelings are bubbling up, and so are big outbursts. Tears have been flowing, and tempers have been short. These incidents have not been limited to the children, I must admit.

It is incredibly difficult to remember, in the face of behavioural outbursts, overwhelm, and general preschooler assholery, that this is all temporary; that's these reactions are due to exhaustion, and the emotional chaos that comes from a little person whose world has been rocked. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that we'll find our equilibrium again.

And still, as I go though my collection of snapshots from the previous week, I am reminded of the ways in which all these tiny daily trials have forced us to grow. Stella climbs a rock unassisted. She puts on her own sock. She sneaks off into her room, creating imaginary domestic dramas. I face down exhaustion, and navigate three days of solo parenting, late bedtimes and early wake ups.  

We'll all make it out the other side. This much we have gained in growth, this much in love. 


Last week I came across this blog which I'm now happily following. Isn't this girl and her haunted house captivating? 

And this wee one, frolicking in a golden field. And of course, perennial favorites and endless sources of inspiration, one and two

Linking up with Jodi as always. 



Full Moon Baby, New Moon Baby

The night I went into labour with Stella a full moon rose. Hugo was born in the morning as a new moon set. 

At certain angles they seem poles apart. But with a head turned just so or the light falling a certain way, they could be the same baby. 

Stella was frantic, urgent and intense as a baby. I could could pick up her cry from a full nursery of infants. It was acute and several decibels louder than the rest. She kept her little fists clenched, and her toes turned down into the soles of her feet. Her eyes were alert and searching, she never wanted to close them, not even for sleep. 

Hugo is languid and quiet, his cries are mouse-like. He slept most of his first two weeks, and now when awake, he snuggles into that corner between my chin and my collarbone and just watches with big eyes. 

My full moon baby, my new moon baby. These two little ones of mine, these two little beings are so very themselves, yet also so much part of eachother. 





"a portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014."

Stella: I love the way she looks at him: total adoration.

Hugo: I love the way he looks at her: total fascination. 

Stella came inside after playing in the garden. She had two flowers with her, one for me, one for her brother. The moment she saw that her brother was awake, however, she completely forgot about me. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 


This last week has totally thrown me for a loop (two sick kids and a second round of mastitis) so I've been a bad blogger, and have no 52 favourites to share. Next week, I promise!

Linking up with Jodi.


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