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347 - 353 / 366 {catch up redux}

My performance in the last six weeks or so of my 365 project can only be described as total and utter ballz. Really. I've been lack luster in the photo-taking domain (and brace yourself, it's only going to get worse). I've been low on energy and inspiration, and just way beyond lazy in the actual posting of pictures that were, like, actually taken. Partly because I've been busy, and partly because of life. Anyway, for this I'm giving myself a pass. A year-end indulgence, if you will. I'm thinking about next year (as we all are I'm sure, and how I'd like to continue my exploration of photograph. I've got a few ideas about how I might take a different tack. More later as ideas become solidified. 

Anyway, here are some lack luster photos. ENJOY!!!

Stella's friend's mum brought a cello to play group which was equally thrilling (for the children) and terrifying (for the adults).

This is Stella being Tutu-man (aka Ultraman) which happens to be her name for any and all baddie like ever. 

Miss B joined a gymnastics class, which is, like, just about her favourite thing in life. Here she is, in her first class, owning the balance beam. My timid little miss wanted to be THE FIRST KID to try every new skill. And then my heart burst all over the place because ZOMG proud. 

Favourite pool / bath activity: fill a vessel until overflowing. The name for this riveting game: too much. Really. Mama, play too much, okay???

By far my favourite time of day. 

Did you know that orchids, like, grow in nature? Truth. Welcome to my  back yard.

(You'll have to drag me kicking and screaming out of this country.)

I ordered this geometric buck watercolour from Geometric Ink and as a lovely surprise, along came this beautiful origami bird. I'm thrilled. Beyond thrilled. You guys, this little shop is lovely. And the woman who runs it is as nice as they come. 

Reader Comments (2)

The one where Stella is being Ultraman makes her hair look so much lighter, all that sunshine maybe? Also that origami bird print is so gorgeous! Hope this finds you celebrating the end of 2012 with your beautiful family and looking ahead to 2013 with hearts full of hope. May happiness and love keep you company everyday of the new year. xoxoxo

January 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKrista

I have to say, I smiled when I saw your photo at rockstar gym, I stood there myself, only months ago while Otto also tried to do everything first. Enjoy your time there.

January 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlanah Jade

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