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Hi I’m Erica. Welcome to my blog where I proffer heartfelt reflections on the culture of parenting, alongside works of unmitigated nonsense. 


I’m a Canadian writer and picture-taker currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I married my husband in Switzerland, had my daughter, Stella, in Japan, and just welcomed baby Hugo here in Jakarta.



For about as long as I can remember I’ve had a wandering heart. I got my first taste of nomadic living when I was sixteen and I spent a semester of High School in the South of France. Since then, I’ve lived in eight different countries, three of the world’s biggest cities, one tiny mountain village, and several unremarkable cow towns. 



I love airports and train stations. I love anticipating milestones and aching over moments that will never be again. I love places in-between, and exist somewhere on the knife edge between the melancholic nostalgia of looking back, and the joyful exuberance of awaiting what’s to come.


I spend a unreasonable amount of time thinking about baby fashion. I read the New Yorker in real life, and the greats of Russian literature in my imagination.


When I’m not wandering around this great, wild world, I’m dreaming of riding through the planes of Mongolia on a motorcycle (I don’t know how to ride of motorcycle) or planing a years-long adventure around the world while un-schooling my not-yet-school-age children.


This is my blog, and I’m glad you’re here.